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Panicking about the Facebook Algorithm Changes?

Facebook Algorithm Changes | Pinterest

So, you’re feeling worried and confused about the latest announcement about the Facebook algorithm changes and the effect it will have on your Facebook business page, right?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

In this post, I am explaining what the changes are, and what this means for your business. You will get some insight, some tips and some reassurance, that’s the main goal here.

Prefer watching videos? No problem! Scroll down and tune into the recording of my Facebook live explaining everything. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. For more information, check out my full affiliate disclosure.

Facebook Algorithm Changes | Pinterest

Do the Facebook Algorithm Changes mean the End of Facebook?

So, let’s talk about all the Facebook algorithm changes. I don’t know about you, but when I woke up the day after the announcement,  there were a few rumbles about everything on my feed. By about lunchtime here in the UK, when the U.S. was waking up, it was just turning into huge panic out there. In every kind of business group I’m in, people were posting links to articles about it or to the main article itself.

The longer the day went on, the worse it got.

To be perfectly honest, I’m really frustrated with it all. I feel like most of these people are scaremongering everybody. There are so many articles out there. People are feeling like they’ve got to go back and delete old posts out of groups because they’re worried they’re gonna get their page shut down. Some are wondering if there’s any point in having a business page thinking nothing is going to be seen. And, many are sharing ‘is this the end of Facebook?’.

No, this is not the end of Facebook, of course, it’s not the end of Facebook.

This fear-based way of sharing is not something that aligns with who I am. So, what I want to do is alleviate some of your fears about the changes in the algorithm and explain how I see it.

I do think there are certain parts of the announcement about the Facebook algorithm changes that are open to interpretation, and I can see how some people have taken it one way and other people have taken it another way. The way I take it might be different from the way that you take it, and that’s totally fine. The one thing I will say is, as of right now, we’re not going to know 100 percent how this is gonna affect our Facebook pages, our business pages. We just don’t know for sure. It’s going to take some time for this to roll out, so there’s going to be a period of time that you should test things, try things out. What I don’t want you to feel is afraid of doing that because you’re worried that suddenly Facebook’s going to shut your page down because you tried something to see if it’s gonna work.

So What Do the Facebook Algorithm Changes Mean?

Now, I do feel like things are moving to a place where spam, all the clickbaits, everything that people don’t really like – but for some few marketers work really well (for the majority is just annoying) – will no longer be around. Actually, it’s a good thing that we’re moving away from that. It’s going sort out the good guys from the bad guys. So it’s good that they’re discouraging and they’re going to penalize any Facebook pages that are using clickbait techniques. So, yes, you may have to think a little bit about your wording in the sense of potentially asking people to tag their friends, share posts etc. We need to find ways to get that to happen without specifically asking for it. And how do we do that? By sharing really great, engaging content.

Mark Zuckerberg talks about wanting engagement from people and wanting to build connections on Facebook. Which is, well, it’s a social media platform, it’s about being social. So it makes sense that that is what he wants to encourage. But I want to also bring up the point that he is never going to get rid of Facebook business pages because they spend money to advertise with him and that is how he makes his money. So, he’s not going to say no to that, that’s not going to end. This isn’t the death of Facebook for businesses. It’s potentially a way of making it harder for you to do things for free, and I’m not personally surprised by that.

Pay to Play

There’s not really any way you can advertise your business for free nowadays. For me, it’s not a surprise that it’s getting to the point that you’re going to have to spend a little bit of cash to be able to get your business out there. What I love about Facebook is how much cheaper it is than anywhere else. In previous businesses I’ve had, when we’ve tried to have adverts in local newspapers. It’s cost hundreds of pounds, and it’s just there for one week, and it’s gone. Now, I do feel print media is dying a death, somewhat, but with Facebook, you can start off with £5/$5 a day. It opens up advertising to people who’ve got smaller budgets, which I really, really like.

Yes, it’s encouraging you to pay for advertising, but you can do that at a lower cost. And I do think that there is value in boosting posts, I just think it needs to be thought about and it needs to be strategic. There needs to be a point behind it. As a business owner, I think it’s about adjusting your mindset in the sense of what your business page is there for. It’s there to advertise your business, and so you’re going to need to pay for that.

I recommend setting aside a bit of a budget each month for Facebook ads. You might want to start off with boosting a few posts. You can set aside a starting budget of anything from £/$10-100 and use that to boost some posts and gain engagement and social proof. Bear in mind, these are unlikely to get actual sales, it’s about increasing your visibility. They are good to start with, to test things out before you start looking at Facebook ads which can get really complicated, but they are incredibly effective when done well.

So, What Should I Post on my Biz Page?

“So, as we roll this out, you’ll see less public content-like posts from businesses, brands and media, and the public content you see more will be held to the same standard. It should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

When it comes to your actual business page, think about the kinds of things you post there, come up with a strategy. Facebook wants you to encourage engagement. So your posts should be things that encourage engagement without being clickbait or spammy. And, we know that Facebook loves videos, so Facebook lives and uploading videos are something that will be really helpful for your strategy moving forward on your business page. The other benefit of videos is that they encourage comments. Often, the audience then interacts with each other, liking each other’s posts and chatting with each other, that’s what Facebook likes. That’s what Facebook wants to see. So I do think Facebook live videos are going to be a way to ensure that you’re still getting good reach, you’re getting good engagement on your Facebook page.

What you then post obviously needs to be thought about a little bit more carefully. You need to use things that encourage engagement and aren’t spammy. So don’t use the same pictures that everybody else is using. That’s what will land you in Facebook jail. Don’t just use the same pictures that everybody else uses. Create your own graphics. It’s so easy to create fairly simple graphics in Canva now. Just have a think about what you’re writing as well, about what it is that you’re actually saying along with your post, and make sure it’s content that’s actually helping your community, that they can engage with, that they’re going to like.

I would say something that I’m changing in my strategy as well as in my strategy for my clients with social media is any sharing of links. I personally feel like, from what I’ve read from what Mark Zuckerberg said, is that sharing links, which is gonna drive traffic off of Facebook and potentially not encourage conversation is not what Facebook wants to see.

Normally, when I share a link it’s always something I feel that’s going to benefit my audience and I’ll try to do it while asking a question. But if I’m not getting answers to those questions, then I’m looking at that and thinking, hmmm, maybe this isn’t quite the right content. I’m actually coming up with a plan to not share links for the next two weeks. I want to do at least a two-week stretch to see what a difference that makes.

I’d recommend thinking about not sharing links on your business page for a little while. Again, it might mean to need to get a bit clever about it. If you’re wanting to drive traffic to your website, then it’s about asking questions within your posts and then encouraging people to ask for your link or to send them to the main button on your business page, which should say, learn more, or shop now, or whatever works for your business.

I would also think about the number of times that you post on your business page. I think two max, in my opinion, but one’s totally okay. Once a day on your business page and I would expect to see a little bit of a drop in your reach and your engagement over the next couple of weeks until maybe things balance out and you find kind of the right method that works for you.

Growing Facebook Groups

I think the Facebook algorithm changes mean that Facebook groups are going to become an even bigger part of Facebook, and they should become an even bigger part of your strategy as a business owner. I have found, even just in the last two or three days, in my newsfeed generally, what I’m seeing is posts from groups more than anything else. I think groups are where you’re going to get really great interaction and so I’d have a think about your funnel and if you don’t already have a group where your customers live or where your potential customers live, think about starting one. Think about creating a funnel that would lead to a group which is where you can then build a connection with your audience. That can then be something you can really utilise and it could work really, really well for you.

Mark Zuckerberg’s whole post is all about wanting to encourage communities and conversations between people. He uses a specific phrase; “We feel a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use but also good for people’s well being”. This is where I read groups as being tremendously important.

What About the Effect the Facebook Algorithm Changes have on my Personal Profile?

As a business owner, what I would encourage you to do is to start networking even more than you already are in groups. That’s going to be what will help you, which is again where your personal profile comes in. When you’re networking in groups, it’s your personal profile people see. It’s your personal profile that people will click on. You want to make sure that your personal profile is optimized and that it looks good and that it is a subtle advertisement for your business. You want to make sure your links are in there. And, yes, you still need to have a business page that you link to from your personal profile. I don’t know about you, but when I’m snooping checking someone else’s profile, I always click through to their business page because I want to know what they do.

I do think it’s good to use your personal profile and think of it more from a business point of view than it being personal and for just friends and family. Especially if you are your brand if people are buying into you as your business. I think it is helpful to use your personal profile. You just need to be a little bit strategic about how you do that, plan more about what you’re going to post and test things out. I really think there will be a period of time of testing things.

Always Have a Back-Up

What I would say, just to piggyback on that whole is ‘this the end of Facebook’ thing that so many marketers are spreading, it’s always worth having a backup in case things do go bad. Having a list is really, really important and having your own list of clients and of your audience. Building a list of email addresses that you can then nurture and you can grow your relationship with. I would recommend, if you’re looking at starting a group or if you’ve already got one, you can set up questions for people to answer to join the group and have one of them as getting their email address. I recommend phrasing it in the way of, ‘leave us your email address and we will send you great tips on XYZ’. Or, if you’ve got an opt-in or a lead magnet – if you don’t have one, I encourage you to create one – ask people to ‘add your email and we’ll send you your free guide to XYZ’. You can create awesome lead magnets in Canva.

As I said, creating a list is something that we should all be doing. In my previous business, I didn’t have one and I regret that. No matter what your business is, you should be collecting leads and creating a list because that is where your money is. Your list is what will stay long term so that if anything was to ever happen with Facebook or if the changes meant that it had a dramatic effect on your business, then you’ve still got your list. You’ve still got your emails. You can still nurture them. We will be discussing emails in my Facebook group because that is something that I know people really struggle. What to say in them, how often to send them, etc. For some great tips, I’d recommend starting with this book by Russell Brunson, as well as his other one, here. In fact, if you go for the second one you can upgrade to a bundle where you get them both plus a load of other great info. That’s the package I have and I think it’s invaluable!

What are your thoughts on the Facebook algorithm changes? Comment and let me know how you’re planning to change up your strategy, or if you have any questions. I’d love to help 🙂

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