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How I Manage Fear in my Business

Today I am sharing all about how I manage fear in my business. I have a video that I originally shared on Facebook explaining this. Scroll down to the bottom of this post if you’d rather watch that.

I wanted to talk to you about how I manage fear in my business. And the reason I wanted to discuss that topic is that it came up when I was talking to someone very recently. I was actually recording a podcast interview.

I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I’ve got a new podcast launching soon. When I’ve got all the details, I shall be sure to let you know. But, I’m starting to record the podcast episodes now, and then get it all sorted so that I can launch all in one go and have a few episodes for you to listen to all in one go. When it goes live you’ll be able to find it here.

During the recording we started talking about fear in business and how the hustle mentality is usually a sign of fear. It kind of made me think about wanting to talk about fear and how I manage fear in my business.

Fear Itself

The first thing I want to tackle is fear in itself, and that it is completely natural to experience fear. We’re hard-wired to experience it; it’s a totally normal thing, especially as entrepreneurs. Building a business is scary! It’s hard, and there’s so many different challenges that come up. Please don’t feel you’re alone, or that you’re doing something wrong if and and when you feel fearful, because as a business owner you’re absolutely going to experience fear.

The next thing I just want to say is: It’s okay to feel fear, and to experience fear, and to be a little bit afraid here and there. What’s important is how you manage it. How you deal with it, how you move on from that, so that you don’t let that fear completely pull you down. So that you don’t end up feeling like the fear takes over. That’s what we want to make sure that we avoid.

I am sharing with you how I manage it. And I am also the different types of fear that I tend to experience nowadays in my business compared to the different types of fear I experienced in the beginning.

The Fears I Used to Have

Let’s start with what I experienced when I was just starting out. The kind of fear that I would experience in the beginning was very much based around what other people would think of me.

Fear of Judgement

I had this fear of judgment, and I think I still have it to a certain extent. It’s probably something I’m always going to have. It feels like a lot of people put out to the world that they don’t care what people think, and I’d like to call BS on that. Because, actually, I think we all care, at least a little bit, about what other people think. We might not take it to heart. Perhaps we might be able to take that and not let it get to us and move on from it, but deep down, we want to find our people. We want people that we will resonate with, to find our community.

So there’s always this fear of judgment floating around for so many of us. And I think when I first started in business, I had a very different mindset around this fear of judgment. For me, it was all-encompassing, and it stopped me doing a lot of things.

One thing that I had a lot of fear of judgement around is about my health. Judgment that maybe I couldn’t perform as well as somebody else because of my health, or fear that people would think that, even though I didn’t believe it, I was worried that other people might think that. Also, fear around: what if people don’t like what I’ve got to say?

There really was a lot of fear of judgment in the early days. And as I said, I still have it a little, but it’s a bit different now, and I’ve really been working on my mindset around fear of judgement.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure was another massive one for me, and sometimes it still is. Again, it’s just slightly different now than what it was back then. I often wouldn’t even start things because I was scared I’d fail. That was a big one for me, and I would take the easy road, because I felt like it wouldn’t matter then if I failed.

How I Manage Fear in my Business Currently

Nowadays, I do still have that slight fear of judgment as I mentioned before, but I very much feel that people are going to judge you no matter what you do, it’s human nature. It’s ingrained into us that people are going to judge us no matter what.

Judgement is a Good Thing

Actually, judgment is a good thing, because it’s how we make decisions. And making a decision means we’re moving forwards with our lives. So, by putting this positive spin on judgement, I find it helps me process the fear of it and realise it’s not actually as scary as I thought it was.

Remember, we can’t please all the people, because if we try and please all the people, we end up pleasing no one. The whole point of marketing, the very foundation of marketing is really establishing who your ideal client is, and people who aren’t our ideal client, well, maybe they’re not going to like us, and do you know what? That’s okay.

Shifting my Mindset

So for me, my mindset has really shifted in the sense that people are going to judge me no matter what I do, and if people judge me negatively, then they’re not my people, and I’m okay. I don’t care about that.

The other thing for me as well is I am now at that point where I would rather people are judging me for going all in and for being 100% me, true to who I am, 100% authentic, sharing my truth, than judging me for not doing anything or for doing things that aren’t 100% me. Because as I said, people are gonna judge you no matter what you do. They are just going to. It will happen, so I would say to you is: Wouldn’t you rather they judge you for being a hundred percent your authentic self and true to who you are?

That’s where I’ve got to on fear of judgment.

And with fear of failure, again, I did a lot of mindset work, and have shifted things around. For me I feel that sometimes it’s nice to just let yourself sit in that fear and say it’s okay to feel it.

And then ask yourself; ‘am I going to let the fear win, or am I going to win?’

How I Manage Fear in my Business

Let’s Get Rational

It’s often about being quite rational, I like to flip it on its head and say to myself: ‘Is that actually true?’

So let’s say I’m getting some crazy thought in my head. For example; ‘Oh my goodness me, if I fail, then that means my husband’s not going to like me anymore, or it means I’m not going to be able to afford to do this, that, and the other.’ You know, whatever it might be. And then I have to sit back, and I have to rationally look at what my brain’s just told me, ’cause our brain tells us these weird stories. And I ask myself: Is that actually true?

And you know what? Most of the time, no, it is absolutely not true. It does not mean my husband’s not going to like me anymore. That we’re not going to be able to afford to eat, or anything like that.

It’s about being rational, and sometimes, it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Because often I feel like: If you’re not feeling that fear, are you really pushing yourself? Are you really taking risks? Creating change if you’re not feeling a little bit scared, and feeling that fear? Because that’s where great things come from.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Great things come just outside your comfort zone. They come from that fear that you feel inside. That’s when the magic happens. When your passion really comes through and when you really get to inspire people and create change.

So, after sharing with you how I manage fear in my business, I hope this has been helpful. Please pop in the comments if you’ve got any thoughts, or any questions. I’d love to know what you think and how you manage fear in your business, too.

As always, we carry on these kinds of conversations inside my Facebook group Savvy Social Media Secrets and I’d love for you to come and join us.

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