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How to have a Successful Direct Sales Launch Party

How to have a Successful Direct Sales Launch Party

How to have a Successful Direct Sales Launch Party

As you know, I like to share some of my Direct Sales experience and knowledge with you guys. I feel it’s important to be helping others that are new to the industry, and I wrote an article all about Direct Sales with a Chronic Illness. So I think it’s a great option. If you’re interested, you can read this article all about my Direct Sales story so you can get a bit of context on my experience.

So, here I am sharing all about how to have a successful Direct Sales launch party. It’s an important topic and something that many people struggle with. I know that with some companies I have ended up not having one because I was so nervous and had no clue what I was doing! I wanted to help you if you’re feeling the same. And hopefully, ease off some of that pressure and those concerns you have. This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience. For more information check out my full affiliate disclosure.

Of course, you don’t have to be just launching to try these tips out, you may want to try this when your next new catalogue comes out, or it would be a great ‘new year’ business launch. Feel free to take these tips and use yourself, as well as share with your teams. Now, let’s start with why they’re so important and you need to be having one…

Why Have A Launch Party?

Something important to bear in mind here; you’re launching a business. Think about some local companies you know that have maybe recently opened for business. Did they just open their doors without telling anyone? I doubt it! You want to be sharing your business opening with all of your close friends and family. Those who will support you in your venture.

Now, I’m going to say it quickly. I know what it’s like when those close friends and family aren’t supportive. I will share a post on that and update here with a link once I have that with some info that might help you if you are like that. But, if you’re totally new to Direct Sales you don’t actually know if they will support you or not. So ask them, see if they’ll be there.

Your launch party is where you’re going to get your very first customers. You will be booking follow up parties or one-to-ones from it. So it really is the platform from which your business will then launch into the world.

How to have a Successful Direct Sales Launch Party

Planning your Direct Sales Launch Party

The first stage to consider is the planning. It’s important to have everything organised and planned out. This will help you feel more confident and lead to a more successful direct sales launch party!

When and Where

What I recommend doing is booking 3 dates for your direct sales launch party. I personally would consider a Thursday or Friday evening, a Saturday afternoon or evening and then a Sunday evening. The first two will take place in your home, or if you prefer at a coffee bar/pub/family members’ house. The third happens on Facebook. However, I encourage you to tell people about one date at a time. I’ll explain that in more detail later in this article.

You want to plan your party for as soon as possible after you sign up and have your product/kit. Ask your sponsor when you are likely to receive it and book it for the closest weekend after that. Some Direct Sales companies have longer shipping times that others, so be prepared and plan accordingly. Sometimes you can be holding your launch within days of joining!


Inviting people to your direct sales launch party is very important. Both how and who you invite. It can make such a difference to the success of your launch and so is a step you don’t want to miss!

Make a List

You want to make a list of everyone you know, start with those local to you and then go with those not local. I encourage you to make a note about why you want to invite that person next to their name. To make it easier for you I have created a handy-dandy FREE printable. Making a note of why you want to invite them will help because when it comes to it, you can refer to that.

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What to Say

When you invite people you want to start with those locally and begin by inviting them to the first date. For example:

Hi Jenny, I have just started a new business with ‘X brand’ and I would so love to tell you all about it. We sell ‘X products’ that I think you would just adore them! I’d really value your feedback on the products so was wondering if you would be able to come to my launch next Thursday at 7.30pm?”

If she says she can’t come, that’s when you tell her about the second date

Oh no worries, I totally get it, we’re all super busy! That’s why I have actually planned it for next Saturday too. Being the weekend we can make more of a night of it, I’ll be sure to have plenty of wine 😉 sound good?

If she still can’t make it that’s when you tell her about Facebook:

That’s no problem, thanks so much anyway. Perhaps we can get together another time and I can tell you all about it over coffee or something? In the meantime, I am actually showcasing ‘X brand’ and the’X products’ on Facebook on Sunday evening. I figure we’re all on there anyway! It’ll be super fun with games and giveaways and we get to be in our own homes in our jammies! Sounds like a win to me haha! Can I pop you an invite?

Obviously, you want to say this in your own words, but take mine and make it work for you. I also found some great language to use in this book which I highly recommend for anyone in the industry. But, you see how only explaining one date at a time can really work?

Phew, I feel like that’s quite a lot of information in this post. I shall save the rest for next time. You can check out the second part of this article here on hosting a killer Direct Sales launch party. In that article, you’ll find out all about Direct Sales launch party prep, as well as the event itself. I hope you have found this one helpful and that you’re feeling less overwhelmed about starting to plan your launch party. My aim at the end of this is for you to feel really confident in how to have a successful Direct Sales launch party.

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  1. Thank you for all your wonderful experience and examples!! Love to ideal of 2 parties and that you overcame all of her obstacles! Hope this finds you well !!

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