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How to Make Friends Online

How To Make Friends Online

Making friends once we’re adults is tough, right? Personally, I feel that the internet has helped us find our people more easily and I see it as such a massive positive.

Whatever your circumstances, if you live with a chronic illness or health issue like me, or perhaps you’ve got a bunch of kiddos and struggle to leave the house, maybe you’re building a business and feel very alone. Whatever it is for you, we can often feel ‘trapped’, right?

Having a group of people that know what you’re going through, that understand it and don’t question it, or how you’re feeling. It’s what we all long for. So most of us gravitate towards social media. We want to make friends online and build those connections. I’m not saying they should replace any face-to-face relationships. But it’s a great way to start new friendships that lead to well-rounded connections that happen both online and in person. So, if you want to know how to make friends online, then look no further 🙂

Give Before You Ask

This is something I value highly when it comes to social media interaction. When you join a new facebook group, or follow new people on Instagram you want to befriend these people and are not sure where to start, right? Well, I would say give before you ask – it is a huge part of how to make friends online.

What I mean by this is answering questions, sharing advice and offering feedback, before you go in asking for help/advice/feedback. Scroll through the group and comment on a few posts, interact with people and offer any tips you might have on their problem. This helps to build rapport with people, and the more you do it, the more you will be seen as a helpful and friendly person ♥

Celebrate Others

Celebrating others is incredibly important online. Think about how you interact with your friends face-to-face. If they tell you some good news, or share something exciting that happens, what do you say? I’m betting it’s some form of celebration; ‘well done’ ‘way to go’ ‘I’m so pleased for you, tell me more about it’. What you probably don’t say is ‘Oh, I could never do that’, ‘That sounds great, but….’ ‘Oh I did that too, it’s not as fun as it sounds’, or ‘The trouble with that is…’ etc etc. So why do it online?

Social media is inherently selfish in its nature. Because the person, or people, aren’t right in front of us, we forget that they’re there and can just speak out as if they are not. Well, that’s just not cool. If you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t do it online. I encourage you to be happy for people, enjoy their wins. So, next time you see someone sharing something good, celebrate them, cheer them on, be happy for them. It will help your relationships grow and flourish online ♥

Actively Comment

This one may be slightly obvious, but it still needs saying. Actively commenting on people’s posts, whether it be in a group, on a page or on their profile, will help nourish your relationships. They often comment back which builds rapport.

And when people comment on your posts, reply back to them, thank them, ‘like’ their comments. Show interest in others, and they will show interest in you ♥

Use Humour

OK, so this may not be for everyone, but it’s something I rely on heavily. I believe that one of the things people come online for is entertainment, so if you are funny, or if you share something that makes people laugh, you’re off to a great start. When it comes to how to make friends online, humour is something we all love.

If you don’t feel that you are a ‘funny person’ then find things that make you laugh and share them. They will make other people laugh too, I promise! And often those people that find the same things funny as you, well that’s your tribe my friend ♥

Be Yourself

And by this, I mean be your best self. I’m not saying don’t share when things aren’t going well. But to be perfectly honest, no one likes a complainer. It won’t gain you friends if all your posts are negative. You may find some friends who share the same grievances, but long term that won’t build lasting friendships. Being positive, and happy online will attract people to you.

Don’t fake who you truly are, just share those good things a little more and find the right balance of negative and positive ♥

How To Make Friends Online

I am hoping this post gives you some ideas and advice on how to make friends online. These tips are all things I have gathered over time and tried to simplify to explain how I have built friendships and connections online.

I think it is important to have a good mix of all of the five points; give before you ask, celebrate others, actively comment, use humour, and be yourself. With a combination of these five ideas, you will find your online connections will grow and new relationships will form.

If you’re looking for an online community in which to make new friends, please come on over and join fellow women in business just like you looking to make new friendships and connections in Savvy Social Media Secrets. While you’re there, why not give my Facebook page Facebook page a like, and follow me on Instagram 🙂

How to Make Friends Online

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  1. Cat, thank you for such a clear and helpful article. It inspired me and gave me a hope to create some new opportunities in my social life! I appreciate it a lot!

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