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How to Keep a Positive Mindset in Direct Sales

How to keep a positive mindset in Direct Sales

As a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a longing to be successful and share my purpose with the world I truly believe that keeping a positive mindset is the fastest way to achieve the success we crave. Sometimes that can be super hard. Things can get you down, whether it’s your kids complaining that you’re not spending enough time with them. Your husband feeling that you’re always on your phone. A customer you thought would be thrilled with your product or service isn’t. Whatever it is, it’s something we struggle with daily. So, how to keep a positive mindset in Direct Sales is incredibly important.

In Direct Sales, our success often relies on the success of others. We are successful all together, not one on our own. Now I love that mentality. But sometimes feeling like your success is dependent on other people can be incredibly draining and make you feel far from positive. I know that’s something that plagued me when I ran my Direct Sales business.

So today I wanted to share with you how I keep a positive mindset. What I do to combat those bad moments or days. How I stay focused and top of my game, even when I just wanted to throw in the towel. And believe me, every person who achieves success has faced moments where they want to give up. You can’t achieve without having failed. And boy does that achievement taste all the sweeter for it. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. For more information check out my full affiliate disclosure.

1. Stop thinking your success relies on others

It may feel like it does, I get it, trust me. But, I promise you that just a subtle shift in your mindset can turn that around. Your success relies on you helping others. If you give and work hard to help other achieve their dreams, then you will achieve yours. So, your success relies on you. It relies on you giving. And that’s pretty awesome in my mind!

When month end starts to knock at the door, instead of thinking ‘I wish ‘x’ would just sell more and then I could promote’, or whatever thought comes into your mind. Think ‘have I spoken to her about her goals? What can I do to help her plan and achieve them?’. Then, plan your success and goals around that. If her goals don’t align with where you want to be that’s OK. You don’t build a strong business and team with just one person in this industry. Speak to all your team, help them all get to where they want to be. And if that’s still not going to get you where you want to be then you know what you have to do, right? Invite more people to join your team, of course! For help with that, check out this awesome course from business coach and mentor Brenda Ster. I found it fantastic with helping me when I built my team of over 80 women internationally. You can read all about my Direct Sales story, too, if you’d like.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

This is super important in how to keep a positive mindset in Direct Sales. Negativity can drag you down, pull you into the darkness. Choose not to entertain it. Step back and stop hanging around with people who see things and say things that are always negative. It’s hard, but it has to be done.

I know I can be easily influenced, and if people around me are complaining and being ‘Debbie Downers’ then I can be drawn in. The only way I have found to stop it is not being around it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to escape all of it. But, I have removed myself from some Facebook groups that became full of complaints. Or, I have turned off notifications, so then I only go in there when I specifically need to check something. Negativity breeds more negativity and can ruin our businesses. I recommend not commenting when you see it online. I think social media does make it easier for people to be negative because often it’s things they might not necessarily say in person. So, stay away, don’t let yourself get drawn in, scroll on past and just ignore it all.

3. Look for people who have what you want

We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time withClick To Tweet

This may sound a little strange when thinking how to have a positive mindset in Direct Sales. But, having others you can look to who have already achieved the success you crave, can be incredibly inspiring. Find those people and ask them how they got their success. Then you can model that behaviour and copy those steps. Firstly, that will help you with no.2 as they will be positive people. But also, we are the average of the 5 people we spend time with. This is something that master businessman Jim Rohn said. And I am inclined to trust and believe him. So if one of those people has what we want to achieve then that will help us get there. And that will keep us positive. You want those people to have a killer abundance mindset.

4. Never stop believing you can do it

You can succeed. You will achieve those dreams and goals you so desire. Doubting yourself is your fear talking. As human beings we are driven by fear, it is in our deepest nature as part of our survival instinct. So it is where the mind naturally goes. It’s OK, and it’s normal. But it’s NOT TRUE. It’s fear, and you can get past it.

Believe you can do it, visualise you can, think about every tiny detail of you achieving what you want and feel it like it’s happening. Hold on to that feeling and never let it go. Mindset is everything.

5. Read Daily

Obviously, you need to choose books that are uplifting and will help you keep a positive mindset. I shall share my favourites with you soon. In the meantime, here are some great examples to get you started:

Now, reading can work any way you want it to. It can be done on your Kindle, your iPad, your phone…. You can use Audible to listen while you’re working, or cooking, or preparing for bed. In fact listening to a book on Audible is one of my favourite things to do once I am settled in bed for the night and unwinding before sleep. I also love to listen to Audible whilst driving. Especially if I have a long drive somewhere.

You can read blog posts, and articles by your favourite positive influencers. You can watch and listen to YouTube videos by them, interviews even. Podcasts are another way to get this daily positive fix. It will help keep your mind focused on good outcomes and believing in yourself. I’ve found myself managing to completely turn my day around by listening to a Podcast or book on Audible before.

The only rule here is to do it daily, no matter what, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

How to keep a positive mindset in Direct Sales

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed my top tips on how to keep a positive mindset in Direct Sales. Keeping your work/life balance is always important along with these tips. I will be sharing a fun post all about that soon, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, you may like to check out my article on the top 5 apps for your Direct Sales business.

I’d love to know what you currently do to help keep a positive mindset, share with us in the comments or come along to my Facebook group and join the discussion.

How to Keep a Positive Mindset in Direct Sales

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  1. A big thing that helped me was giving myself permission to not follow anyone else’s pattern. I just couldn’t do the push push push that often happens in Direct Sales/Network Marketing. So I decided to see it as a hobby and that has made all the difference. Now I’m enjoying it and excited to tell people again.

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