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What’s Happening with the Facebook Changes?

I’m here today to talk to you all about the changes that are going on with Facebook. There’s lots of people who are worried about what’s happening.

I’ve written a previous blogpost on past algorithm Facebook changes you can read here. This article is all about the recent announcements from F8 this Spring 2019.

Don’t Panic!

A lot of people are really panicking about the Facebook changes, they’re worried and are trying to think about how it’s all going to affect their strategy. So I’m sharing my thoughts on the Facebook changes with you as they stand right now.

Now, the first thing I am covering is something that a lot of people are worried about, and that’s the Facebook changes in the newsfeed. There does appear to be some chitter chatter going around, about the news feed disappearing. And everything that I have seen from watching some of the F8 conference itself, from watching other people’s take on the conference and the changes in the newsfeed itself, does not tell me that it’s disappearing. Although it is changing, it does not appear to be completely going. Not to say I won’t change my mind later down the line when we get a chance to actually see all the changes and how they play out for us and our businesses.

Sometimes we have to just roll with it, ride the wave of the Facebook changes and see how it affects us and see what difference it makes. I always feel that the most successful businesses are those that move with the times and create flexibility in their business to change when needed. So, stay open to changes, without panicking, and you’ll be fine.

Groups vs Pages

Now, the one question that’s really big in my group at my moment is the whole groups vs pages thing and what should you do? Because it’s very, very clear that Facebook is prioritising groups over and above everything else. Except, of course, video content. Video and groups, they’re the two big things. So you want to be focusing on video and you want to be focusing on groups.

This does not mean that you do not need a page. Because your page, it’s like your advert in the Yellow Pages. It’s how people will find you and then your group is where they get to know you. They build on that community and that’s where you turn them into paying customers. So you absolutely need a page.

In my opinion, a killer strategy includes both a group and a page, especially if you’re running what I would call an expert-based business where you are the face of your business.

If you’re running something like an e-commerce store, where you’re selling lots of different products. In that case I would say a group is not necessary. You might still want to build a group. You might still have a very successful group and do very well with a group but I would say it’s not necessary.

When it’s a personal brand business, an expert-based business, or perhaps a direct sales or network marketing business, then I think a group is a really important thing to have. Facebook have made it very clear they’re prioritising communities, especially the smaller communities.

I am actually a firm believer in the thought that smaller numbers often lead to high conversions. So having those smaller, close-knit communities is what can work really, really well for you.

You don’t need hundreds of thousands of people in your Facebook group. Often that’s where it can all get a little bit carried away and it can be very hard to actually convert any of those people into paying customers. Whereas if you’ve got a group with maybe a couple of hundred that works really well for your business.

Facebook Business Pages

So as I said, you absolutely still need a page. You need a page because it’s how people find you, and your page needs to be linked to your personal profile. This means that while you’re out networking in other Facebook communities, chatting with like-minded people, maybe other business groups, they’re going to have a little snoop on your personal page. This is because we’re human, it’s what we do.

They’re going see what you do by seeing your page linked in your personal profile while they’re snooping around. So if you don’t have your Facebook page linked up there the first thing you need to do is make sure your Facebook page is linked to your personal profile.

Now, I actually have a really cool workbook that’s going to help you do that. You can get your hands on it here and it will help you with how to optimise your personal profile for business.

Linking your page is just one element of it. So I really recommend checking that out and I also recommend coming and joining us in my awesome, awesome Facebook group. We have a bunch of lovely ladies there and a rule that no question is a silly question. The group is designed to help you grow your social media and then convert those followers into paying customers. That’s the whole point, we want to build an audience and then we want to convert those people into paying customers.

So, as I said, with all the Facebook changes, they are really prioritising both video and groups. When it comes to your page you want to prioritise video content. I’m actually currently working on a specific system and formula that I believe is a way that can really help you have a strong plan and strategy for your social media without having all that overwhelm. And that’s a really big thing for me.

My message is all about building your business on social media but without the overwhelm, without feeling like you have to do all the things and be an expert at everything. Ditching that hustle mentality, because we’re all about #theantihustlemovement around here.

It’s about finding a way to make social media work for you and for your business. I’m currently testing that method and then once I’ve got it mapped out it’s going to go out there to all of you, and I just can’t wait to share it with you. I’m so excited about it and I feel really good about it.

Using Video

So, video is what you want to be prioritising. Now, I know that for a lot of people video can be really scary. And to start with, just so that you know, it doesn’t always have to be your face that’s on the video. You can create really cool videos using loads of different apps out there.

There’s specific video platforms that you can sign up for. A lot of them have got free trials. There’s Wave Video which I believe for any videos under 15 seconds is free to use. You could have a little play around with that and create some really cool videos for stories, both on Instagram and Facebook.

And that’s another thing with the Facebook changes, stories are massive right now. Stories are what’s being focused on by Facebook. And again, your stories is a really great place for you to connect with your grow and connect with your audience.

So, let’s say you decided that groups wasn’t for you and you just wanted a Facebook page. Then I encourage you to focus on your page and especially on stories and video content. That way you’re focusing on building that strong connection with your people.

Think of your page as the advert in the paper, when we all used to place adverts in papers, of course. But then how do you actually grow that audience and build on that connection and grow that relationship so it turns into a customer? That’s what happens in groups, in your stories, in your direct messages, all of that kind of a thing.

If you’ve decided you don’t want a group and you’re focusing on your page, then you concentrate on other ways of building the relationship through video and stories.

What's Happening with the Facebook Changes

An Analogy

There’s actually a really cool analogy that I want to share with you that someone at Social Media Marketing World in March shared with us, which was that you need to think about your Facebook page as a bit like your front garden. So it’s what passersby on the street will see when they’re driving past your house, they’re going to see your front garden.

A lot of the time we make it look quite presentable and quite nice because it’s what the outside world sees. They see that’s where you live.

Mine’s actually, there’s not really a garden, it’s just a drive. It’s not super tidy or anything but it’s there.

And then your Facebook group is your back garden. That’s where the party is. That’s where the barbecues are happening. That’s where you invite all your friends around. That’s where the paddling pool for the kids are, all that kind of thing. So that’s where you have your parties. That’s where you build on those relationships and you really connect with your people.

I hope this has given you a really good insight into some of the Facebook changes and what to make your priority when it comes to marketing your business on Facebook.

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